Railway Of The Dead

Game Outline

Railway Of The Dead is a Co-op top-down shooter (1-4 players) about surviving in the zombie apocalypse with a train. The further you go, the more difficult it will be to survive. Players must use the resources that they have and fight to upgrade them to adapt and survive better in various situations.

The Key feature in the game is "train upgrading". The Train can be used as a base, shield, weapon, decoy, etc based on the player's chosen upgrade path. With each session, players will get a different experience from Railway Of The Dead.

Another equally important feature is "dynamic difficulty cooperative." To experience the intensity of cooperative play, we have this system to adjust the difficulty based on the number of players, letting the players still get the full experience of our game- not too difficult but not too easy if there are many people.

The Art style is quite different from our previous games, Railway of Dead has a serious, moody style, with a futuristic and apocalyptic world theme.