The Land Beneath Us

The Land Beneath Us is a turn-based rogue-like action dungeon crawler in which Players will take the role of a robot assigned on a mission to rescue its creator. Players must use powerful skill combos and stylish weaponry to battle their way through the underworld called Annwn. Enjoy challenging encounters, uncovering mysteries, discovering the hidden secrets of the story, and choosing your path with alternate endings!

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Game Outline

One day you, the Player, awaken in the body of the Ultimate Soul Harvester robot (U.S.H). You are assigned a mission to save your Creator that was kidnapped by the evil rulers of the underworld and to bring peace back to humankind. However, as you learn more about the land beneath us while on your mission, you discover that things might not be as simple as it appears to be.

- Every move matters.
Take your pick from a lineup of stylish weaponry! Assign a weapon to each direction and trigger it with every step you take. Customize your build and deal damage in your preferred style.

- Chips give you abilities.
Collect and equip special chips, walk in special patterns to activate them, and unleash powerful abilities using the Chip System. Beware and plan ahead, as enemies are always ready to attack!

- The more you die, the stronger you grow. Upgrade your stats and grow stronger with every expedition you take into the underworld! Challenge the everchanging landscape of Annwn in this turn-based rogue-like action dungeon crawler.

- Uncover the truth of the land beneath us. Interact with mysterious characters, uncover secrets, and customize your experience with challenges, quests, and alternate endings!


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