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Take the role of an elite knight and battle your way through action-packed levels with intense sword fighting gameplay in this neo-classic side-scrolling action platformer. Save the city from a deadly terrorist organization hell-bent on exposing the truth you were sworn to protect.

You are one of the rookie housekeepers in the 'At Your Service' company. Play alone or work together in all sorts of creative manners to complete all the chores requested by the house owners within the time limit. Do whatever you can to get the job done!

Players take the role of an AI that takes control of a robot and battles their way down to the lowest levels of the underworld to rescue their creator. The deeper the AI travels, the more it starts to understand the meaning of life.

Feed, train and take care of your virtual pets (“Nons”) to help them grow into the multiple evolution paths available in the game. Play mini-games to train your Nons and earn coin rewards, which can be redeemed to customize your Nonster and its home!

You are a Puppeteer trapped in the Nightmare Realm, suddenly, finding yourself lost in an unknown land. You must fight enemies that wander lands, save your fellow troupe members who are also stuck within this realm, uncover the mysteries of the realm, and make it back to the real world.

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