Good day Everyone,

We are a new game developer from Thailand with massive ambitions! Although we’re the new kids on the block, here at our studio we put the player’s gaming experience as the core value and heart of our ethos.

Therefore we vow that EVERY game we produce will have the intention of being a good quality game that everyone can enjoy. We’re out here to put a smile on your faces so please give us a chance and lend us a helping hand in our community!

Right now, we have been working on our first project called “Fallen Knight” for 8 months.

In Fallen Knight, you play as Lancelot in a futuristic world. You take on the role as one of the greatest knights from the Knights of the Round Table, with an oath to protect your kingdom no matter what.

The game will provide you with a fast paced intense sword fighting experience, along with the gameplay of an old school action platform style.

Being the powerful Knight, you have the choice to decide your opponent’s fate. You can choose to be ruthless or merciful as your combat style enables you to end them or disarm them. Spare their lives… and you will gain more of the knights honor.

We are planning to release the game within this quarter, however our team is still young in this industry. Thus, we are planning to launch the iOS closed alpha test for anyone who is interested in our project.

The closed alpha build will be provided on 12 Jun 2019 (GMT+7) via registration of Apple ID in this Link. After installation, we will send you a feedback form via your email.

Your feedback will be of great help to us in gaining valuable wisdom to improve our game’s quality in the full launch.

We wish that our game will brighten your day.

Yours sincerely,

FairPlay Studios Co.,Ltd.

Demo Trailer : [Link]
Facebook : [Link]
Twitter : [Link]

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