Careers | Concept Art

Job description Create concept art (Character/ environment/ props, etc.) for the project based on the game design document. Make sure that the concept art of the project follows the direction of the Art Director. Create the key visual to guide other members to understand the overall picture of the project. Keep updating the concept in […]

Careers | Animator

Job description Create key poses for the animation from the game design document and the art direction from the Art Director. Create animation based on the animation list from the assets needed list (Character/ prop/ VFX, etc.). Breaking down of animation based game mechanics. Work closely with the Technical Art to set up the game’s […]

Careers | Game Developer

Game Developer    Coding for the project based on the list of features in the Game Design and the Technical Development Document. Work well in a cooperative, multi-disciplinary team environment to develop and maintain new gameplay features Design and implement well-engineered, reliable, maintainable, and bug-free codes Develop and test codes, fix bugs, and profile and […]