Careers | Animator

Job description

  • Create key poses for the animation from the game design document and the art direction from the Art Director.
  • Create animation based on the animation list from the assets needed list (Character/ prop/ VFX, etc.).
  • Breaking down of animation based game mechanics.
  • Work closely with the Technical Art to set up the game’s animation limitations for the project.
  • Create blockings, placeholders, and fully polished keyframe animations from the planed animation assets list
  • Create Bones and Rigs for the animator based on animation requirement from the Art Guideline Document
  • Clean up and implement animation into the game engine
  • Debugging and support of animation systems and tools
  • Provide support and feedback for the internal animation team
  • Establish animation standards and provide feedback for animation outsourcing
  • Research and learn new techniques for animation.
  • Keep updating and revising animation-related information in the Art Guideline Document
  • Make reports to the Art Division Lead or Art Director in case any problems beyond authority arise.


  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in game development or related industries using Maya or an equivalent 3D program
  • Well-Knowledged of the fundamentals of Animation Principles
  • Has a passion for animation and video games.
  • Self-motivating, good communication skills in Thai and English

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