Fallen Knight Patch 1.9.6 OUT NOW!

FairPlay Studios reporting in!

Casual Mode is a go. I repeat, Casual mode is now a go!

We’re super excited to finally see the launch of Casual Mode in patch 1.9.6 on Apple Arcade. We’ve teased you guys 2 weeks ago and now the Purge’s day of reckoning has arrived! Pick up your Apple devices and dive back into Neo-Utopia as you help Lancelot defeat the Purge in a much more casual, easygoing game mode that won’t make you pull out the hairs on your head after falling countless times to Juggernaut’s shield 😭. Seriously… everyone on our team can now complete the game 🤣 and if we can, you can do it too!

Without further ado, find the details to Patch 1.9.6 (Casual Mode) below:

🚨Full Details on Patch 1.9.6🚨

Casual Mode

  • Players will be able to start the game with Life Saving skill equipped
    • Casual mode can only be selected when selecting an empty save slot (new game)
  • What is included for “Life Saving” skill:
    • Double Jump
      • Players will have the ability to double jump from the start, unlike Normal Mode where they have to unlock those skills through the shop (which is accessible only after defeating the first boss)
    • Air Dash
      • Players will have the ability to dash in the air from the beginning, unlike Normal Mode where they have to unlock those skills through the shop (which is accessible only after defeating the first boss)
    • Barrier
      • After players takes any damage from enemies, he will invincible for a short time, preventing enemies dealing any additional damage
    • Auto Heal
      • When the player doesn’t take damage for 5 seconds, Lancelot’s HP will gain 1 bar
    • Focus Heal 1.0
      • Reduce time to heal by 25%
  • Penalty on players who play Casual Mode
    • Players will not be able to reach a rank higher than “B” when the skill is equipped

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed where Whisper was not active after skipping the cutscene
  • Fixed where players were not able to escape from falling elevator stage
  • Fixed where Lancelot was starting in different placed when skipping and not skipping dialogue in Whisper Boss room
  • Fixed UI glitched on some stages which were caused by pausing then resuming the game

On another note, we’ve plenty of exciting news to come… Apart from the usual quality of life improvements, all you hardcore gamers out there or our players who’ve finished casual mode and are ready for a new challenge, we’re introducing an intense, almost deadly hard mode in the upcoming few weeks as well as a surprise announcement 😄!

Stay tuned for more news on FairPlay Studios and Fallen Knight from our social channels. We’re gearing up for many cool upcoming projects that we will be bringing to all gamers in the near future 😉.

FairPlay Out! ♥