To our fellow Gamers 👋,

On Monday we revealed our very first blog post about the Fallen Knight: Project Reborn initiative. We wanted to let you all know about our upcoming plans and actions for improving the Fallen Knight experience so that all our players, both new and old can look forward to picking up Lancelot and helping him in his quest to rescue Neo-Utopia!

Now that being said, without further ado we want to finally introduce ourselves – FairPlay Studios!

Informally speaking, we’re a group of easygoing gamers with various quirky personalities that makes up our colourful studio. We’ve got FPS aficionados, RPG lovers, masters of strategy, connoisseurs of retro and many more. We think the games you play are a pretty good reflection of who you are, so let us tell you what we’re playing 🤩. Right now, we’re mainly playing Valorant, Call of Duty Warzone, Sea of Thieves, Animal Crossing, League of Legends, Red Alert and Baba is You 😛 And if you want to know what we’re looking forward to the most… it’s Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Ghost of Tsushima, Ashes of Creation and New World 😲. As you can see, I think we’re very relatable, everyday people!

Formally speaking, FairPlay Studios is an independent game development company from Thailand with a mission – that “May Our Games Brighten Your Day”. Our projects reflect the avid gamers in each of our team members. We look to create games where we ourselves as gamers would love to play.

Everyday, people are becoming more busy. Workload and stress are piling up and people are spending less time on themselves as they grow older. Some lives are becoming mundane and nothing more but a routine. At FairPlay Studios, we wish to invoke the people’s emotions once again; the nostalgia in that carefree laughter, hotheaded challenges, the smile of satisfaction… We know and believe that what truly makes our games magical, is the opportunity to be limitless with our creativity. To defy logic, to live a dream, and the blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes are what makes that come to fruition. We truly dream to become apart of the frontrunners of the industry though our commitment to wholly dedicating ourselves to unearthing new customer experiences. We pride ourselves as innovative developers, professionals, and above all else, gamers who are in the never-ending pursuit of happiness. Player happiness is the very core of our company – To invoke the people’s pure emotions once again through games and fulfill the wish that “May our games brighten your day”. – that is why this is our company’s mission.

Finally, in the long run we envision an era of a thriving Thai Game industry whereby Thailand can compete at a global level for games, talent and creative innovation with the likes of Japan, South Korea and the USA. We want to be the spearhead of this movement, by bringing FairPlay Studio games into the hands and heart of people worldwide – regardless of gender, age and nationality.

I hope this gives all our beloved FairPlayers some more insight into our studio and who we are 😉. Always feel free to pop by to say hi at any event we may meet each other or join our discord and give us a shout anytime! We’d love to meet, speak or even work with our community in the future so don’t be shy!

Come learn more about us on our website! (Note: we are working on an upgrade on our website so stay tuned!)

Stay tuned on our social channels for more updates to come. This upcoming Monday we’ll be uploading our Project Reborn action plan so keep an eye out!


FairPlay Out! ♥