Fallen Knight Factsheet

    Developer : FairPlay Studios
    Release Date : 24th October 2019
    Available on : iOS (Apple Arcade)
    iOS Apple Arcade Link : Fallen Knight


    Fallen Knight is a neoclassic side scrolling action platformer game. The story is set in the far future and introduces an intense sword fighting gameplay with punishing boss battles. Players will take on the role of an elite knight, titled Lancelot (50th), one of the knights of the Round Table. He must save his city from the terrorist organization called ‘THE PURGE’ that intends to “reveal the truth” under the city…the truth that Knights of the Round Table swear to protect with their lives.

    In each stage and battle, Lancelot must choose between taking the enemies’ life or following the Knight’s Path, by disarming and sparing his enemies’ life. The path you choose will affect your progression of the story, and lead Lancelot up to the final battle.
    What type of Knight will you be…

    Features of Fallen Knight

    Made for mobile: Controls optimized for touch screens and with full gamepad support.

    Story-driven premium game: Descend into a story rich game universe and forge your own path with multiple endings.

    Skill-based: Fast-paced combat with unique parry/disarm system and special attacks, required to learn enemy’s attack patterns.

    Character progression: Gain Honor points and unlock multiple skills to assist through the game.





    About FairPlay Studios

    FairPlay Studios is a new independent game development company from
    Thailand with a goal in mind, that our “Games Will Brighten Your Day”.

    Our projects reflect the hardcore gamers in each of our team members.
    We look to create games where we ourselves as gamers would love to play.


    PM /Game Designer
    Kachain [Chain] Puttiwarawut

    Lead Game Developer
    Tinnapop [Bird] Sonporm

    Lead Animator
    Methawoot [Bas] Suphakul

    Art Director
    Pana [X] Pohnrum

    Lead Technical Art
    Pitchaya [Yah] Choothian

    UI/UX Designer
    Watcharaphong [Title] Meearham

    Senior Game Developer
    Supachai [Mac] Choosith

    Senior 3D Modeler
    Nawapon [Min] Jitnarin