Dear FairPlayers,

Our team would like to send our apologies for the delay on patch 1.9.2 update release. After the long delay, we have worked very hard to fix many of the reported issues and bugs. We are happy to announce that the patch is NOW released and all players are able to update Fallen Knight on Apple Arcade as of the time of this post. 

We sincerely hope that the patch is to your satisfaction and improves your gameplay experience of Fallen Knight.


🛠️Patch 1.9.2 Major Updates🛠️

🚪 Alternative Endings Added

🏁 Boss Room Checkpoints Added

🎮 Touch Controller Improvement

📚 New and Improved Tutorial

🧱 Rework and Improvement on Wall Related Actions

🚨Patch 1.9.2 Full Update🚨

New Feature

  • Alternate endings added
  • Boss room checkpoints added (Allow players to continue session at the boss room from the menu screen)
  • Rework and improvement on all wall related actions (Wall Run / Wall Hang / Wall Drop / Wall Jump / Wall Super Jump)
  • New and Improved Tutorial
  • Thai Language Localized
  • Added Boss parry & disarm guiding system
  • Added Additional Controller Support
    • Amazon Fire Game controller and remote.
    • Apple MFi controller on iOS 7 and above.
    • Executioner X on Mac.
    • Logitech F310 on Mac.
    • Logitech F510 on Mac.
    • Logitech F710 on Mac.
    • Moga Pro on Mac.
    • PlayStation 3 controller on Mac.
    • PlayStation 4 controller Mac,iOS and tvOS.
    • Speedlink Strike on Mac.
    • SteelSeries Free on Mac.
    • Xbox 360 controller on Mac.
    • Xbox One controller on Mac,iOS, tvOS.


  • All Achievements can be unlocked
  • All Skills can be unlocked
  • All Archives/Lores can be unlocked
  • Training Ground Stage Box Adjusted
  • Auto Hide Virtual UI on iOS fixed
  • Mission Report Skill Display fixed
  • Various Bug Fixes


  • Touch Controller Improvement (Now activates when pressing instead of when releasing)


  • Disconnected Controller Can Now Be Reconnected


  • Pierrot Boss Room Camera Improvement


  • Keyboard Fully Supports UI on macOS

Game Balancing Changes

  • Increased Rewards When Completing Mission
  • Adjusted Price of HP/SP Upgrade
  • Adjusted Bosses HP
  • Adjusted Bosses Moveset Logic
  • Reduce Cost of Successor Skill

We really appreciate all our FairPlayers putting in the time to play our game and providing feedback about their thoughts. As always, if you encounter a bug, please do let us know about it through Discord, Facebook or Twitter.

If you would like to be part of the community and discuss directly with our team, feel free to join our Discord channel.

Have a great weekend and stay safe from the COVID-19 outbreak!



FairPlay Studios Team

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