Fallen Knight | update 1.8.9 and Mac version are released today!!!

Good Day everyone,

We would like to apologize and keep you waiting for a very long time for this update
But the waiting is over, the Falle Knight, update 1.8.9 and Mac version are released today!!!

**Current Stable Version 1.1 (1.8.9) **
New Feature

Custom Touch Controller Layout – Now player can choose touch controller preset.
Hide Touch Controller UI when Controller Connected – Add Option to toggle on/off while controller connected

* General

  • Improved Input register
  • Improved Touched Controller (+Touch Area, Decrease disappearing delay time)
  • Fixed an issue where the controller can not unequip skill.
  • Adjusted Parry Time
  • Adjusted 1st Boss (Juggernaut) significant reduce HP
  • Fixed an issue where game crash at Last Stage
  • Fixed an issue where Nicolai (Mine Stage Boss )Stop moving
  • Fixed an issue where Whisper (Sky Scrapper Boss) falling out of the scene
  • Fixed an issue where Whisper Free hit position
  • Fixed an issue where Last Boss use repetitive move
  • Fixed an issue where some skill can be purchase when already purchase
  • Fixed an issue where Honor point (in-game currency) gain is duplicated
  • Fixed an issue where Ability double jump doesn’t work on wall jump (Wall hang/Wall run/Wall Jump now reset double jump cd)
  • Adjusted Drone spawn location on Mine Stage
  • Improved Wraith of God (Ultimate Skill) VFX

Various fix on UI.

  • iOS / iPadOS
  • Touch control work while controller connection

We are also working on tutorial improvement, wall action improvement, Bosses improvement, etc
Which should be updated to all platforms soon.

We really hope the update would provide you a better experience in Fallen Knight.
However, if there is any issue or comment feel free to contact us anytime 🙂

Wish you enjoy our game
Fairplay Studio