The end has come… what is the truth behind every secret?

System Fix

  • Game Center TeamPlayerID Implemented and Migration (Prevented Game Data/Achievement mix up when switching game centerID)

  • Stable Build (Clean up all known bugs)


New Feature

  • Alternate Ending: Now the final boss can be disarmed during his ultimate move properly.

  • Wall action related rework

    • Wall Jump: Push Jump during wall running or wall-hanging, Lancelot will jump upward. (the previous patch is super jumping)

    • Super Jump: Push Jump + opposite direction from the wall during wall-running or wall-hanging, Lancelot will jump off the wall into the opposite direction with some speed that goes further than a normal jump.

    • Drop: Push down during wall running or wall-hanging, Lancelot will drop from the wall into the ground. However, if Lancelot moves to the wall again he still can run along the wall again (Wall-running).

  • New Tutorial: included Wrath of God tutorial, New wall system, and Replayable Tutorial

  • Boss disarm guiding system: After the patch, there will be numbers as visual cues showing up on the boss. Each number corresponds to the remaining boss’ disarmable combo. The number will indicate the number of successful parries needed to stagger the boss for disarming.



  • Improved Touched Controller (active when pressing instead of when releasing)

  • Add Nimbus to Supported Controller list

  • Improved result display to show correct Honor Point rewards

  • Polished various effect

  • Polished missing sound

  • Various fix on UI


Fixed various bugs are known bug

  • Fix all skills to be able to use as described

  • All boss crashes

  • Fix Archive/Lore unlocking issue

  • Fix Touch Input active when releasing


Hope you enjoy our FALLEN KNIGHT

Fairplay Studios