To all our Gamers 🎮,

We’ve told you about Project Reborn last week and we are super excited to share our plan of action with you!

To give you all a recap, the Project Reborn initiative was created to tackle the lingering issues around Fallen Knight since Day 1, as well as elevate the game quality to transform Fallen Knight into a great game on Apple Arcade. We’ve taken all the feedback throughout the lifetime of the game and are using it to create a sequence of patch updates that will give you all the Fallen Knight experience of your desires. 🎮 Controller lag? Forget about it. 😇 Easy mode? We’ve got you covered. Did I hear a Hard mode aswell? 😈 We’ll put that in there too 🤣. We want all our gamers to know that we’re listening and we’ve heard every single comment about our game; good and bad, and now we’re going to tell you how we’re going to create a seamless Fallen Knight experience.

Patch Platform Detail
All Support All MFI Controllers
Improve Controller Input Lag
Fix Alll Animation Glitches
Add Skip Intro Option
Fix Controller UI On-Screen When Connecting To A Controller
Polished Fight Scenes
Achievement Rework
iPad Fix Minor Camera Issues on iPad
tvOS Improve tvOS Framerate
1.9.6 All Introduction of Easy Mode
1.9.7 All Overall Polish and Improvement v1
1.9.8 All Introduction of Hard Mode
1.9.9 All Overall Polish and Improvement v2
2.0.0 All Localization Improvement


Keep an eye out on our social channels for the dates and let us know if we’ve missed out on anything 👀! Do share it with us through our Discord community!
At the end of this month we’ll be giving everyone a status report to let you all know how we’re doing and what else may be coming to our patch updates. If we’re lagging behind, feel free to let us know and whip us back into shape 😝!


FairPlay Out! ♥