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How are all our FairPlay Studios’ gamers doing? It feels like ages since we’ve last shared a blog post and we’re so sorry for that 😒. Therefore today, we’ll keep it short and sweet because we’ve got some super exciting and long-awaited news to share 😁! Anyways, FairPlay Studios reporting in again! In light of Fallen Knight Patch 1.9.5 having been recently released, we hope you’re enjoying the newly improved and polished version of our game. If there are still any malicious bugs πŸ› out there, let us know so we can go give out devs an earful and get them exterminated 😈!Β  Nonetheless.. our main topic for the day is Patch 1.9.6 or should I say CASUAL MODE πŸ™Œ!

Fallen Knight Patch 1.9.6

πŸ”₯ Casual Mode

πŸ›More bugs exterminated 😈

🚨Full Details on Patch 1.9.6🚨

Casual Mode

Bug Fixes

Fallen Knight Patch 1.9.6 is now ready and in review, so keep a lookout on Apple Arcade! For all you gamers out there looking for a more casual run at the game, this is the perfect opportunity for you to rescue Neo-Utopia from the clutches of the Purge without breaking a sweat πŸ˜†. Its been a long time coming despite numerous requests for the casual mode… we’re sorry for being so stubborn 😒 please forgive us and help Lancelot save his kingdom πŸ˜….

Always know that we are listening and reading your feedback, so in our efforts to continuously improve Fallen Knight for all of you, join us on Discord, Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think of Casual Mode and how else we can improve! We are ALWAYS open to suggestions and appreciate all your opinions so we can implement them into the subsequent patches.

Stay tuned on our social channels for the release of Patch 1.9.6 and soon to come Patch 1.9.7.


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