Experience a new dimension of intense sword fighting gameplay!

neo-classic side scrolling action platformer game. The story is set in the far future and introduces an intense sword fighting gameplay with punishing boss battles. Players will take on the role of an elite knight, titled Lancelot (50th), one of the knights of the Round Table. He has to save his city from the terrorist organization called ‘THE PURGE’, that intends to “reveal the truth” under the city… the truth that Knights of the Round Table swear to protect with their lives.

The game features are▪ Responsive action platform game

▪ 6 stages with intense boss fights
▪ Unique Parry/Disarm system
▪ Story rich game universe
▪ Multiple Endings
▪ Capabilities to support Game Controllers for iOS 13
▪ Play across apple device with iCould Save




Fallen Knight is now live on Apple Arcade and we really appreciate all of your support and feedback after playing our game.

We have noticed that many of you are having a difficult time passing the first stage of the game due to similar issues, so we would like to help you by creating this FAQ thread based on player feedback so far.

Fallen Knight basic movement

Fallen Knight was passionately create using the inspiration from many games, and Megaman is also one of them, but we also put other unique elements into Fallen Knight to make it a game that is entertaining and challenging. Let’s have a look at some movements in Fallen Knight that players are currently having difficulties with.

  • Lancelot will not take damage when he collides with enemies, except for the Drill soldiers (Breaker).

  • Enemies will not drop any items. To restore Lancelot’s HP, you need to heal by spending 1 mana meter (Wrath of God meter) by holding the Heal button.

  • No Dash Jump, Lancelot cannot dash jump. (Later, Lancelot can buy Air Dash, and Double Jump from Skills shop)

  • Jump off the wall (Wall Kick) will create a super jump, where Lancelot’s jump will be faster and higher than usual.

  • Wall Running, Lancelot can run up walls by pushing and holding in the direction of the wall. There is no need to repeatedly tap the jump button

  • Wall Hanging, Lancelot can hang on the walls by releasing the movement control during Wall running.

  • No Dash cancel attack, During a Dash, Lancelot cannot cancel the dash animation in order to attack immediately, so you will have to wait until the dash ends in order to attack. However, you can cancel the attack animation to go into a dash.

  • I-frame Dash, At the beginning of the dash animation, Lancelot will have some frames (invincible frames) where he will be immune to any incoming attacks.

  • Boss HP, After Lancelot have done some damage to the boss, he will roar as the phase shift. Once his HP is below 25%, his body will show electric VFX (sparking) similar to Lancelot ( HP <= 3 Bars)

Right now our team is fully aware about the control responsive issue, and we are working very hard to fix it!

Parry and Disarm timing issue

The Parry and Disarm feature is a key aspect of our game. You can use it to knockout enemies in no time, but it is a bit tricky to use on the bosses. Keep practicing these mechanics and you will see that it will help you progress through the game

You will also get more honor points after successfully disarming an enemy. You can spend those points to get new skills in the shop after defeating the first boss.

Our beloved community has informed us that they are having some difficulty with the Parry and Disarm system.

Take a look at this video by MrMacRight where he explains how you can master this skill! at 6:54 on the video to understand the parry and disarm feature Link

We hope that his clip has made it easier for you to understand the Parry and Disarm feature. You will find that later in the game this will really help you!

We appreciate all the feedback that you have given us to make this a better game for everyone. Please let us know if you have any other comments and we will implement the fixes into the next update.

Wrath of God and Heal

We apologize for not making the tutorial more informative. We will improve it as soon as possible.

The Mana meter that has a max of 3 bars (Wrath of God meter) is next to the HP bar.

Healing It takes 1 mana bar for 1 bar of HP to regenerate. To heal, you need to hold the healing button till the HP is regenerated. You can also continuously heal by holding the healing button continuously until your mana bars are empty. The heal rate is also faster than healing normally

Wrath of God is Lancelot’s ultimate move. It can be activated when he has at least 3 bars of mana.

  • You can activate this ability by pushing the button in the mid-right of the touch screen (looks like crossed swords). For controllers, tap L1 and R1 (LB and RB) at the same time to activate it.

  • After having activated Wrath of God, to increase the damage output of the ability, repeatedly tap L1 and R1 (LB and RB), or repeatedly tap the buttons indicated on the the screen before the time runs out.


  • HP and Mana can be upgraded later in the game

  • Wrath of god and heal can be upgraded later in the game

Known Issues

  • Home Bar issue

  • Touch interface when controller is connected

  • Game Balance Adjustment

Juggernaut Fight Tip

  • Juggernaut is a heavy, tank type warrior. He is slower than Lancelot.

  • With his big shield, his back may be his weakness ;). Try Jumping over him during his attacks and hit him from the back.

  • Lancelot’s special ability, Wrath of God, does a lot of damage to the boss. You should consider using it when you have at least 3 Mana bars filled up.

  • Don’t forget to manage the mana meter, so you can heal yourself too.

  • Beware ground breaking. When he start breaks the ground you should rush to him and attack him as much as you can to stop his move.

We will keep everyone updated and we will edit the FAQs and Tips in this post frequently. Please feel free to leave your feedback. We will respond ASAP!.

PS. We would really like to thank you again for all the valuable time and feedback you have given us. We know there are some issues and we will do our very best to fix them all.

FairPlay Admin