Fallen Knight Patch 1.9.6 COMING SOON!

Fallen Knight 1.9.6

Hey there! How are all our FairPlay Studios’ gamers doing? It feels like ages since we’ve last shared a blog post and we’re so sorry for that 😢. Therefore today, we’ll keep it short and sweet because we’ve got some super exciting and long-awaited news to share 😁! Anyways, FairPlay Studios reporting in again! In […]

Fallen Knight Patch 1.9.5 NOW LIVE!

Patch 1.9.5

Hey everyone 👋! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! FairPlay Studios is back to inform you that Patch 1.9.5 is NOW LIVE on Apple Arcade (click here to be redirected)! As a reminder on Fallen Knight’s Patch 1.9.5, have a look at the details below 👇: Fallen Knight Patch 1.9.5 🎮 Added support for […]

Fallen Knight Patch 1.9.5 COMING SOON!

Hey all Fallen Knight Gamers! FairPlay Studios reporting in again. It’s been a little over a week since we’ve shared our action plan for Project Reborn 🔥, so we’re here to fill all our gamers in on our amazing progress thus far! Fallen Knight Patch 1.9.5 🎮 Added support for all MFI controllers ⚒ Improved […]

Fallen Knight Project Reborn Action Plan

To all our Gamers 🎮, We’ve told you about Project Reborn last week and we are super excited to share our plan of action with you! To give you all a recap, the Project Reborn initiative was created to tackle the lingering issues around Fallen Knight since Day 1, as well as elevate the game […]

Introduction to FairPlay Studios

Introduction to Fairplay Studios

To our fellow Gamers 👋, On Monday we revealed our very first blog post about the Fallen Knight: Project Reborn initiative. We wanted to let you all know about our upcoming plans and actions for improving the Fallen Knight experience so that all our players, both new and old can look forward to picking up […]


Hey FairPlayers 👋, FairPlay Studios reporting for duty! 😀 This our first ever blog post and boy, are we excited! Its been a long time coming and we’re super happy to get this started. I really want to let our first ever post be a candid little introduction about our studio and the team… but […]

Fallen Knight : Patch 1.9.2 Released

Dear FairPlayers, Our team would like to send our apologies for the delay on patch 1.9.2 update release. After the long delay, we have worked very hard to fix many of the reported issues and bugs. We are happy to announce that the patch is NOW released and all players are able to update Fallen […]


The end has come… what is the truth behind every secret? System Fix Game Center TeamPlayerID Implemented and Migration (Prevented Game Data/Achievement mix up when switching game centerID) Stable Build (Clean up all known bugs) ———————————————————————————————————————– New Feature Alternate Ending: Now the final boss can be disarmed during his ultimate move properly. Wall action related rework […]

Fallen Knight | update 1.8.9 and Mac version are released today!!!

Good Day everyone, We would like to apologize and keep you waiting for a very long time for this update But the waiting is over, the Falle Knight, update 1.8.9 and Mac version are released today!!! **Current Stable Version 1.1 (1.8.9) ** New Feature Custom Touch Controller Layout – Now player can choose touch controller […]

Fallen Knight – Now availble on Apple Arcade

We’re super proud to announce that Fallen Knight is NOW AVAILABLE on Apple Arcade!!! Try it now for FREE in your first month trial of Apple Arcade. Play #FallenKnight with #AppleArcade, a game subscription service with 100+ groundbreaking new games. Experience a new dimension of intense sword action gameplay! https://apple.co/-FallenKnight Fallen Knight is an action platformer game, similar to […]